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Since the Central Weather Administration (CWA) established, it has been committed to various meteorological services, and has extended to related fields such as earthquakes, astronomy, and ocean meteorological, providing the real-time and detailed information for domestic organizations, foreign organizations, and the general public. Since the launch of FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC in 2006, the GPS occultation experiments carried out on the satellite have continued to provide accurate observation data, which not only makes a significant contribution to weather forecasts, but also open a new page for space weather research. With the assistance of experts and scholars, the Taiwan Analysis Center for COSMIC (TACC) has not only accumulated experience in satellite data processing and made complete operating procedures, but also further developed many high-level satellite products for atmospheric and space science.

With the advancement of science and technology, changes in space weather have gradually affected facilities and activities in our daily life. In the past few years, under the expectation of experts and scholars, the Space Weather Research Office (SWRO) was first established in the Institute of Earth Sciences of the Academia Sinica, responsible for the development of modules for space weather monitoring and forecasting. In order to appropriately respond to the conclusions of the "Meeting of Space Weather Research Office (SWRO) Preparation and Opening" which held by Director Lou-Chuang Lee at the Institute of Earth Sciences of the Academia Sinica on October 18 in 2013, CWA looks forward to the establishment of "Space Weather Operations Office (SWOO)" at CWA in the future. It would play the role of routine space weather operation, and further integrate Taiwan space weather research and development results, implementing operational practices.

Since July 2014, CWA has begun to plan preparations for the establishment of the "Space Weather Operational Office (SWOO)". After recruiting domestic scholars and experts in a conference in March 2015, the development of space weather operations was carried out through the opinions from that conference and decided to use of mature modules which developed by Taiwan's research community. In July 2016, CWA released the website of the space weather operational office to integrating domestic and foreign space weather observations and information as well as providing various related information for the general public and related organizations.

    emoji_flagsTasks and goals

  • ◎Integrate space weather observation and monitoring products
  • ◎Report for space weather changes
  • ◎Provide space weather forecast
  • ◎Space science and space weather outreach education
  • ◎Publish various types of space weather information
  • ◎Maintenance space weather operation and service

    event_noteSWOO Milestones

  • 2003.09.01
    Taiwan Analysis Center for COSMIC (TACC) was established
  • 2006.04.15
    Formosat-3/COSMIC was launched
  • 2009.10.01
    TACC provides high-level ionospheric products
  • 2013.10.01
    Space Weather Research Office was established
  • 2014.08.01
    Preparation for space weather operation office
  • 2014.10.01
    The Taiwan regional ionospheric/TEC map (RIM) is online
  • 2015.02.01
    Global ionospheric/TEC Map (TGIM) is online
  • 2016.07.01
    Website of space weather operational office is online
  • 2016.09.09
    Ionospheric model for 3-day forecast is online
  • 2017.01.12
    Updated for Earth's magnetopause prediction model
  • 2017.08.02
    Updated for observations of TEC
  • 2017.09.21
    Updated for observations of ionospheric disturbance
  • 2017.09.29
    Press conference for SWOO
  • 2019.06.25
    Formosat-7/COSMIC-2 was launched
  • 2020.02.25
    Updated for SWOO Website